Things that irk

Many of the items in the list below are accepted in common usage. I know.
Language is merely what we all agree it is, and nothing more. I know.
I'm limited by when I grew up. I know that too.
But these things still irk.

I've intentionally excluded low-hanging fruit like "could of" from this list. That's too easy.

Myriad of
Ditch the 'of'. Myriad possibilities. Myriad errors. Myriad irritations.


Until recently, I didn't even believe 'purposely' was a word. "Deliberately", "intentionally" and "on purpose" or "purposefully" had always sufficed.

Could care less
Wish I could.

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Overwhelm is a verb that people use as a noun. I hate it. Apparently, it has been used as a noun since the 16th century, so shows you what I know, but man I hate it.

You're feeling melancholic. There's something melancholic about the song. I'm filled with melancholy that dictionaries don't support my view that we should never use melancholy as an adjective or adverb.